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Criticism on Game Reviews

Criticism is a dangerous topic.  Primarily due to human ignorance, but robot-infested cargo ships are probably also to blame.   Growing up, the word ‘critic’ is pejorative.  That means ‘criticism’ is pejorativism, which is probably worse.  To be safe, most … Continue reading

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Phantom Dust (aka Gaming While High)

Herein I will relate a funny story, take drugs, play a game for the first time that I purchased many moons [ed:this is a lie unless moons==weeks, which it does not] ago, screw up my sleep schedule, and proceed to … Continue reading

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Jade Empire

So I’m keeping an eye on a friend’s dog/cat/house/lizard for a friend while he’s out boozin’ it up o’erseas.  He’s a cool guy and all, but who (in their right mind) owns all four at the same time? The dog really … Continue reading

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On Highly Conservative Members of the GOP

When it comes to video games I’m an ole-skool pop-locker.  Actually, I’m not because that has nothing to do with video games (except for DDR).  If I were being honest I’d say that I enjoy: ‘strategy’ games (particularly what the liberal, … Continue reading

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Kane, the Old Skoola

Why is everyone so obsessed with Citizen Kane?  Don’t get me wrong: it is an awesome movie (thanks Cinema school) and it is generally considered to be the *greatest movie evah!!1!*  My annoyance comes from a few blog posts that have … Continue reading

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Revolution Will be Transcripted

GDC!!!!  Oh, how you tease me so!!!!! Some Xbox 2/Next/360/Xenon stuff was announced yesterday, and it sounds pretty cool: Gamer Cards, Achievement/Rewards earned in games, a Marketplace to buy all sorts of things, and that all games will have both … Continue reading

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PSP Ads (or It Begins)

When reading the article my previous post was about, I noticed a PSP advert on the bottom (your experience might vary).  It’s a flash animation that contains the following phrases: THE COOLEST OBJECT ON THE PLANET. IPOD IS SO 2004. … Continue reading

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