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Hello Word[press] is a collection of articles.  Many are about the creative edge (ie the ‘new’ creative frontiers of play, sequential art, and motion pictures accompanied by an audio track). Most of the articles aren’t about the rose-tinted future we’ve been … Continue reading

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Goodbye Spaces [2004-2010]

What is a unique resource locator?  By any other name, it would still describe where a particular resource is and how to access it.  It would still smell as sweet.  Like nerd rage. But is more than just an … Continue reading

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The Title Module

Arg.  I can’t figure out where to put this space’s ‘title’ module (the piece that says " — Homepage of the World’s Foremost Satirist").   I’ve probably spent thirty minutes on it.  Which is the amount of time I usually wast trying … Continue reading

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Attack of the Trackbacks

  The Internet, a virtual destination one accidentally stumbles upon while surfing their porn, is a weird and treacherous place.  Most people experience it through a series of webpages.   To view these webpages, an application known as a browser … Continue reading

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Time Spent

(or, why I haven’t blogged in a while and learned to love the bomb)   There are two reasons why a person  doesn’t write  to their blog :1. They are too busy and don’t care (which I can ensure you, … Continue reading

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About the Author

Herein I kill* the proverbial two birds with one stone.**   What kind of man is known as ‘pi’?  And to what does he ‘lord’ over?  What crimes or deeds must one do to be titled ‘dark’?  Are all of … Continue reading

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Pretty flowers all over the place!!! Why? Because I was tired of having Plain-Jane-Orange  as the background.  The background I really wanted was the Orange/Black Electic-Boogaloo , but it seems to have a CSS bug that makes lists impossible to … Continue reading

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