Hello Word[press]

lordpi.com is a collection of articles.  Many are about the creative edge (ie the ‘new’ creative frontiers of play, sequential art, and motion pictures accompanied by an audio track).

Most of the articles aren’t about the rose-tinted future we’ve been promised, but about the defenestrated present.  The materials used in the window’s construction.  How many panes there were.  The type of shrubbery outside.

An observation of the condition of the human condition from the perspective of a human observing other humans.

lordpi.com used to be hosted at the (now) defunct Windows Live Spaces, please enjoy the imported articles.  New articles will be added around ‘nanowrimo’, ‘discourse’, ‘names’, and the ‘games industry’.

Feel free to contribute to the conversation.

About lordpi

World's Foremost Satirist, Aspirant
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