Can someone explain Sony’s slogan to me? [UPDATED]

I took the following picture at GDC 2007 with my phone.  I hadn’t realized that it wouldn’t moblog well, so I apologize for the junk in this post before.

The above text says: "Developing partnerships that are anything but C++."  It was plastered with three other ‘pithy’ slogans and a Sony logo with ‘Live in your world, develop in ours.’

There are a number of problems with it:

  1. It isn’t a double entendre.  I’m not sure if it even has a single entendre in it.  Let’s explain:
    1. There is no concept of ‘partnership’ in C++.
    2. The closest idea in C++ is that it is a strongly typed language.  This means that code written in the language is checked to make sure that it knows, ahead of time, that the it accesses objects in valid ways.
    3. As such, maybe it means that Sony’s partnerships don’t have to be explicit up-front, but can change whenever?  Is that a good thing?
  2. I asked a lot of people about it, even folks at a Sony booth.  A few guesses were that ‘C++’ == ‘complex’.  That’s silly:
    1. There are for more complex languages than C++.
    2. In fact, to get optimum performance out of Sony’s PS2, a developer was forced to make use of assembly.
    3. As such, maybe it means that Sony’s partnerships are needlessly complex?  That you still aren’t able to use something as standard as C++?  [it’s only the language that the majority of programmers, working in game-development, know*]  Is that a good thing?
  3. It’s not grammatically correct.  Let’s examine:
    1. It seems to imply a ‘Sony is’ at the front.  ‘Sony is developing partnerships’ is a fine sentence.  ‘Developing partnerships’ is referring to the implied part.
    2. ‘that are anything by C++’ is referring to the ‘partnerships that are being developed’.  However, we never really got the benefit of a punctuation mark to help us along.
    3. As such, it can mean only one thing: it’s my good friend Dangling Participle!!!!  (oh snap!)  So ‘Sony is anything but C++’.  What would that mean?  Is that a good thing?


So I still don’t know what Sony meant by it.  However, I think that they likely meant to say one of the following:

  1. Partnerships that are awesome.
  2. Let’s develop a partnership!
  3. "Hello Partnership"
  4. Let’s partner up — you can use C++ and we’ll both make a bunch of money.


Now if they still wanted to insult themselves with the C++ remark, then:
"Partnerships don’t have to be C++"

It still doesn’t have a second entendre in it, but whatever.


* This is a statistic, so it has to be true.  Java and C# are heavily derived from C++, so I guess I’m assuming that the combination of (C#, Java, and C++) > (Visual Basic and Assembly) in the realm of game development.  I’m limiting the programmers to game developers since it was at the Game Developers Conference.

Updated: Replaced my mobile phone’s text with actually commentary.


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