The Title Module

Arg.  I can’t figure out where to put this space’s ‘title’ module (the piece that says " — Homepage of the World’s Foremost Satirist").
I’ve probably spent thirty minutes on it.  Which is the amount of time I usually wast trying to navigate the ‘amazing’ selection at the cafeteria — interesting story, actually:
I told this to our new VP at a big all-hands meeting and shortly thereafter there were a bunch of changes made to the menu.  Well, they removed/shrunk the awesome Indian food section and brought in Ivar’s.  In case you don’t know, Ivar’s is a fast-seafood chain. 

Which, ignoring the outrageous prices, wouldn’t be so bad if for one simple fact: I don’t eat seafood.  None.  Not eels, or squids, or octapii, or sperm whales, or fish, or mermaids, or crab, or shrimp, or lobster.  The closest item on their menu to non-seafood is a tuna sandwich on bread made from ground-salmon covered in an oyster sauce and sprinkled with baby shrimp eggs.

So the moral of the story is that sometimes it is better to just eat a Starbucks coffee for lunch.
Well, back to my problem at having an egotistical title module.  I managed to get rid of a bunch of the background color and whatnot (go Tweak UI!), but I’m not happy about the big title blocks on each box.  If I put the title at the top of any of the columns, it looks weird when the other two columns have no title box.  So I seem to have two options:
  1. Hide it on the left like I currently am.
  2. Arrange for it to have a little ‘accident’.

The other modules (that are missing a title area) already had a little ‘accident’. Hehe…  They’re ‘sleeping with the fishes, see’…  Which means you can probably get them at Ivar’s for $9.34 with fries.  And the fries are made of ground whitetail heads fried in an oil that’s not oil at all, unless oil can be comprised entirely of brine.

By the time you read this, it might already be too late for it…


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