lordpi.com v0.97.63 / 8x^3

Pretty flowers all over the place!!!

Why? Because I was tired of having Plain-Jane-Orange  as the background.  The background I really wanted was the Orange/Black Electic-Boogaloo , but it seems to have a CSS bug that makes lists impossible to read .  I should beat up* the people who made Spaces until they fix it .

The other major change is that I added a list of ‘Antagonists’ to the left side .  I wanted to have two columns on the right, but it didn’t let me.  So it’s one the left… learn to live with it .  I originally thought of calling them ‘Enemies’, but that would be kind of awkward .  Regardless, I figured that I should put them on the left so they have prominent billing on the home-page .  I’ll be adding to this list frequently — it should summarize the things I have/will/should satire .

No, I did not mess up by putting the same description under ‘Women’  and ‘Reality’ .  If either of us is mistaken, it is you — a non-Misogynistic, non-Romantic, gleeking, motley-minded, clack-dish!** 

I have no idea why I have more smileys  than text  in this blog post .  I don’t think I’m  making any sense with them anymore  >> .

* By beat up, I’m referring to asking them nicely to fix it .  Maybe even bribing them with coffee  or something .

** Shakespeare , unlike my ‘Antagonists’ , rules.


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