Heisman #6

Okay, I lied.  I’m talking about college football again.

Fight On, Tailback U!!!  And congrats to Matt Leinart, USC‘s 6th Heisman winner!  (I’d link his blog here, but that’d be kinda weird since I don’t know him and I’ve never read it myself… And to answer your question: yes, USC helped* set him up with a blog** to help publicize his Heisman battle).  Now the Orange Bowl (aka Mythical National Championship game) will be insane since it’ll feature the 2003 Heisman winning QB vs the 2004 Heisman winning QB in a fight to the death.***

Interestingly enough, I started blogging because of Matt Leinart’s blog (even without reading it).  I figured that if a blog could help a person compete for a trophy, then it might help me in my quest to win a Pulitzer Suprise.  So that’s why you are reading the words that you are reading right this very now!****  Soon Mr. Pulitzer will bow down to ME!!!  [Insert maniacal laugh]  But perhaps I’ve digressed too much…  I’ll return to this discussion with a more appropriately categorized entry and at a more appropriately different time.

* I assume.  So yes, we’re both asses.
** If you don’t know what blog means, WTF are you doing reading this?
*** Hyperbole added for dramatic effect.  There will be no actual steel cage knife fights [on TV].
**** If you have a disability and the computer is reading this to you, I ap0l0g1z3, j01 D1rTe A@z M073R FU(k3R!1!

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